First and only murder contract for a 21-year-old Montrealer


Professional hitmen never lose their temper and rarely improvise.

It was quite the opposite for a young Montrealer and his accomplices on a mission ordered to Ontario, where they had to eliminate a close to the Hells Angels. This is why 21-year-old Marley Dorphelus was sentenced to 16 years in prison last month.

Matthew Rodgers had left his residence early in the morning without waking his five-month-old pregnant wife.

On August 4, 2017, the 35-year-old from Ontario drove his black Mercedes, with his Rolex wrist on his left wrist and over $ 5,000 in $ 50 and $ 100 in his camouflage trousers. .

The 6-foot, 240-pounder man parked his luxury sedan in the parking lot of a small commercial complex on Cornwall Road in Oakville, an hour west of Toronto.

At 8:55, he entered the Sunset Grill restaurant, where employees used to see him regularly with another muscular colossus.

Upon returning, Rodgers warned the staff that he was expecting someone. He ordered an orange juice.

But after 25 minutes pumping on his cell, he got up, left $ 10 on the table and left the scene telling a server that his “friend” (“my buddy”) would not come.

Outside, in the parking lot, two men dressed in black were waiting for him.


They wore kangaroo hoodies and blue bandanas around the front like street gang members.

According to witnesses who told Halton Regional Police, they approached Rodgers, who became “agitated.” A scramble ensued.

One of the two men, black, pulled out a handgun that seemed to have a silencer at the end of the barrel. Rodgers turned their backs on them and ran towards the boulevard.

He fell into a hedge not far from the roadway when a first ball hit him under the left knee.

Rodgers got up and crossed the road. But the witnesses then saw him collapse on the grassy ground between the opposite lanes of the boulevard.

A projectile of high caliber had just pierced his skull, removing him in passing the cap of the Blue Jays he had on his head.


That’s when everything started to go wrong with Marley Dorphelus, one of the two shooters.

While Rodgers was being shot, the shooter’s “driver” approached the scene at the wheel of a Dodge Ram black van registered in Quebec.

The trio had previously stolen the escape vehicle from a construction worker domiciled in LaSalle, a borough of Montreal.

The second gunman ran to the van and jumped aboard. The accomplice driver immediately spun, leaving Dorphelus behind, alone and panicked.

“He was there, near the victim lying on the ground. He looked at her, then began to look nervously all around him. He looked lost, “a motorist witnessed the frightening scene.

Dorphelus ran away, fleeing north, without being able to prepare a “escape route” beforehand, as the hired assassins are used to. All police officers then serving in Oakville were quickly alerted.


Less than 15 minutes later, Constable Sarah McCullagh caught up with him as the 5′-8 “fugger climbed onto a fence.

The police officer pinned him to the ground, disarming the suspect, who had hidden his semi-automatic pistol Heckler & Koch in one of his socks.

“Without even using handcuffs, she neutralized by holding her wrists until the arrival of colleagues in support,” said Judge David Harris when he sentenced the Montrealer on January 23rd.

Once handcuffed, Dorphelus was not taken to the police station, but rather to the hospital because his heart rate was dangerously high.

The young man had no ID on him and remained silent. Finally, after talking to his lawyer, he declined his name to the investigators and told them he was living in Montreal. That’s all they could make him say.


But all the police needed to know was in the pockets of his black jeans.

In the one on the left, there was a sheet of paper on which was printed a picture of Matthew Rodgers taking a selfie.

The one on the right contained the Mercedes model the victim was driving, her license plate number, and the name of the restaurant where Rodgers had been lured into the trap under the guise of a business meeting.

The loader of the .45 caliber Dorphelus weapon, with a capacity of 10 projectiles, was empty. Only three sockets compatible with his weapon were recovered at the scene of the crime.


Matthew Rodgers never regained consciousness. But he is still hospitalized and kept alive in a neuro-vegetative state, which he will probably never emerge, said the judge.

The piece of projectile that the doctors were able to extract from his brain did not come from the semi-automatic pistol of Dorphelus.

The police tried to find out who made Rodgers and who Rodgers was texting that morning.

They wanted to search the BlackBerry Q5 phone that Rodgers was using in the restaurant and that was recovered on Cornwall Road.

But as soon as the device was restarted by the police, an application was activated remotely, and all the content of the BlackBerry has automatically cleared, much like in the movie Mission impossible.

It is also a protection technology increasingly prized by networks of high-level traffickers, particularly in Quebec.


The victim was listed as a close relationship to the Hells Angels of the Ontario chapter of London, according to police intelligence services in the province.

“He was actively involved in a biker supporter club, the F … You Crew, in addition to drenching in drug trafficking,” said Judge Harris.

The day after the shooting, three Hells Angels members showed up at Oakville’s Sunset Grill restaurant.

They asked the employees questions about Rodgers and they themselves went to examine the traces of the attempted murder in the parking lot.

Rodgers’ wife told the police that he “did not discuss his business” with her, and that she did not ask him “no questions” about how he earned so much money.


“I did not know much about Mr. Dorphelus,” lamented Judge Harris before imposing a sentence on the Montrealer who pled guilty to attempted murder.

Born into a family of three, he experienced the separation of his parents when he was young, and his childhood was “difficult”.

Dorphelus dropped out of school without completing high school “to be able to work and support his family financially,” said the magistrate.

He had no criminal record and the police do not know any affiliation with a criminal gang, noted the judge, adding that the Quebecer is distressed by remorse.

Since his arrest, Dorphelus has been imprisoned in isolation for his safety.

Not only has he become a potential target for bikers, he can also be perceived as an embarrassing witness for his accomplices, even if he refuses to denounce them, insisted the judge.

“He feels depressed, agitated, nervous and tired at the same time,” he added.


Harris J. sentenced Marley Dorphelus to 16 years’ imprisonment, of which he has already served two years and seven months in custody.

The reasons for the young man’s participation in this commissioned execution remain mysterious because of his silence and the fact that his two accomplices are still running.

It seems that organized crime in Ontario often uses “subcontractors” in Quebec for its poor works.

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