Exo trains: their customers do not want discounts

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Commuter rail customers do not want to know anything about the compensation offered by exo for the many delays over the past three weeks on the Deux-Montagnes and Mascouche lines. Users want more concrete solutions.

In a letter obtained by the “24 Hours”, Raymond Bachant, CEO of exo, asked the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM), which is responsible for the financing and pricing of trains in the metropolitan area, to possibly offer a 30% discount to customers on both lines of the metropolitan network, with a declining punctuality rate.

“It’s like trying to cure cancer by putting on a bandage. I have the impression that we are given a bone to gnaw hoping to silence us and stop moaning, “criticized Magali Barre, who borrows daily line Deux-Montagnes.

“But we know that the worst is coming, and even exo, they have dropped the sponge, it will not work out, they have no solution. So the 30% discount, quite frankly, I understand the political gesture, but it is very far from calming me, not to say that it annoys me even more, “she added.

During the first week of the month, 74.3% of trains in the Deux-Montagnes line were on time. For the second week of July, the punctuality rate of this same line fell to 71.1%. It should be noted that exo trains aim for a 95% punctuality target.

Real actions

The consequences of the EMN’s work are increasingly felt by customers of the Deux-Montagnes train line, which will eventually be converted. Rush hours have been turned upside down, departures have been canceled, there is no longer any service on weekends and users are stuck like sardines in trains.

“The impression that many of us have is that this price compensation will deprive us of our right to claim better service. There is no real alternative for us. Also, a compensation is of no help for us and will not in any case fill the losses of various natures incurred by the users of the train “, supported Jean-Philippe Gariépy.

The many customers of exo affected by the lack of punctuality of the trains hammered us, this Thursday, to want concrete solutions to put an end to the situation of the delays, rather than to receive discounts or other compensations.

Future solutions

“The compensation suggested to the ARTM, responsible for the planning, financing and pricing of services in the metropolitan area, is one of the solutions that we propose in parallel to those we are currently working on,” explained Élaine Arsenault. , media relations advisor for exo.

The latter recalls that because of the work of the EMN, exo is subject to a schedule over which they have no control and for which they can not guarantee a service identical to that previously offered.

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