ETNCommerce & Electroneum (ETN): the first instant payment eCommerce software

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The future looks bright for Electroneum (ETN) . In addition to these cumulative gains, the majority of the ETN community expects the massive adoption of cryptocurrency following the launch of its instant payment software.

An innovative application

Founded by Claes Norin,  ETNCommerce is designed to enable e-commerce businesses to integrate a mobile instant payment API – smartphone – with cryptocurrency.

Since its launch last year, Electroneum has the ability to go off the beaten path to present itself as a valid digital payment method, according to Norin.

Companies will be able to easily download the software from their Joomla CMS or VirtueMart platform and accept Electroneum as cryptocurrency . Freeware (free software) comes with a pre-configured and pre-installed instant payment system.

This software intends to show more flexibility. It is compatible with traditional payment systems PayPal, Skrill, AmazonPay and Sofort, which will increase its reach and visibility worldwide

ETNCommerce is already provoking buzz with its developments and its successive updates. There is no doubt that the idea will bring acceleration to the Electroneum ecosystem and by extension will be a pillar to encourage the adoption of crypto-currencies around the world.

Large online shops will, in fact, begin to deploy the software to have a competitive advantage over its acolytes who refuse to integrate cryptocurrencyq within their system. This room for maneuver could increase the price of cryptocurrency in general.

A notable opponent for traditional means of payment

The arrival of Electroneum (ETN) in the crypto sphere has caused an uproar. Some analysts say that Electroneum will be a big rival for PayPal.

ETN plans to bring its service to millions of other retailers around the world. There are currently 2.5 million Electroneum accounts with a capitalization of nearly $ 150 million worth of ETNs.

Electroneum also seduces mobile operators. Integrating telephony systems into ETN systems will enable the company to achieve its massive adoption target faster than expected.

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