Ethereum records more than 1 million transactions

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The Ethereum network finally came to the surface again to reach a rate of one million transactions per day. According to Etherscan , a platform for analyzing crypto-flows on the Ethereum network, 1,004,170 transfers were made on June 28, a figure that had not been achieved since May 2018.

A score that is close to the record

Since 2018, Ethereum has suffered the consequences of crypto winter by remaining sluggish in terms of transactions for months.

Since December, Ethereum (ETH) flows recorded on its network have nevertheless resumed an evolutionary pace before crossing the milestone of 1 million transactions per day in June.

According to Etherscan, some 1,004,170 transactions were confirmed on its Blockchain on June 28 , the first since May 2018.

However, the record of 1,349,890 last January remains the best performance in recent years.

Ethereum goes up the slope

Although Bitcoin began its recovery in April with a frantic pace, Ethereum has recovered from December 2018 during which with a monthly on-channel transaction score of 115 million , not counting recorded flows. after hacking his DAO in 2016.

In addition, activities on the Blockchain Ethereum resume their rights with a strong solicitation of dApps (decentralized applications).

Ethereum volumes (ETH) on these decentralized applications were counted at 776,000 transactions in April, at the same time that Bitcoin began its ascent.

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