Ethereum Classic launches an expertise platform for dApps and Blockchain developments

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To support start-up financing, Ethereum Classic announced the launch of Studio. This program will provide technical expertise on dApps and assist projects based on the Blockchain Ethereum Classic.

A technical and financial lever for promising projects

Having suffered a 51% attack at the beginning of the year, Ethereum Classic has quietly recovered to offer better services to its customers. Currently, the platform is more entrepreneurial and relies on the support of promising projects to rebound.

In this perspective, Ethereum Classic has launched Studio , a program entirely dedicated to the technical and financial support of developers on its blockchain. This includes a platform that offers technical expertise followed by participatory financing management (fundraising) for any project launched on the Ethereum Classic network.

Access to Classic Labs Core and Accelerate software

Since the 51% attack, ETC has focused on improving its environment by surrounding itself with development professionals. Terry Culver, the CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs said:

“We are excited to offer our technical and marketing experts to the growing community of ETC developers and businesses.”

On the other hand, he announced that Studio users will have access to Classic Accelerate and Core software to boost their funding and development. ETC Labs Accelerate had already attended many startups thanks to its team based in the United States and Asia, he confirms before continuing:

“With dedicated developers from our core group, as well as our funding and mentoring programs in our acceleration group, Studio is working hard to continue to mature the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.”

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