Estrie: Father accuses General Motors of being responsible for an accident that could have killed his son


SHERBROOKE | A father in Sherbrooke accuses General Motors (GM) of being responsible for the road accident that could have cost his son’s life last week. According to the young man, the steering wheel of his Saturn Ion simply stopped working.

On July 26, Christopher Lacroix and one of his friends, both 23 years old, were driving on Route 147 at Compton, about twenty minutes from Sherbrooke, when they found that their vehicle was not Responded more to orders.

“He was shooting to the right, I was trying to bring him back and at one point he started to make a lot of small movements, and that’s where we took the field,” said the young man. man in interview at TVA News.

David against Goliath

Christopher’s father, Mario L’Esperance, thanks Heaven for being alive.

According to him, if his son has swerved, it is due to a defective vehicle. He mentioned in this regard the many reminders of Saturn Ion that took place in the past.

“We did all the inspections, but it’s not because we make them that everything is beautiful,” said L’Espérance.

Although the fight promises to be difficult, he does not intend to give up.

After several unsuccessful calls, Transport Canada finally confirmed to him that he would take care of the expertise of the car on Friday.

“It is not a guarantee of success, but, at least, it will be that. I will not give up, “said L’Espérance.

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