EcomToken makes three big announcements!

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Last Friday, the EcomToken team made 3 announcements that will surely interest everyone.

First, Ecom Token successfully organized a contract signing ceremony with GymLgr and Everest Network held in Madrid on August 31, 2019. The good news is that they committed € 5 million in the state of the contract requires the community to have a minimum of 6 million or more chips.

With the success of the signing ceremony, they will send EcomToken’s “TheBand” (Ecom Gym Ledger version 1) to the market leaders. This is a fitness bracelet with ECK token storage and retrieval function based on the POE (exercise test / Proof Of Exercise).

In addition, Everest Network has invested in EcomTrading, which will be launched in September 2019 after all the chips have been sold in 3 blocks.
With the Ecombot integration process in Ecomtrading, 4 million chips will be sold to the community!

The presale will be in 3 blocks, with the following prices:

  1.  $ 0.285 in block 1 – 800,000 ECK
  2.  $ 0.315 in block 2 200 000 ECK
  3.  $ 0.352 in block 3 with 2,000,000 ECK for sale

When buying in the pre-sale stage, the minimum purchase is $ 100 up to a maximum of $ 10,000 per user. Older investors who already have ECKs in their Ecom portfolio can deposit them into EcomTrading. Meanwhile, users who wish to drop into the ecomwallet can create a project, and the ECKs can be transferred into the Ecomtrading crypto-purse.

After the sale of the 3 blocks, the ECK token will be listed in the international crypto-stock exchanges and will launch an internal stock exchange (this has a free transaction fee). Stay informed to know the key dates, including the planned sale dates of the 3 blocks.

The second announcement is for new and old investors. And that sounds like good news for newcomers who want to create a project with Ecom Token; and for former investors who want to buy ECK again, they will have priority to buy ECK tokens in Block 1 with a price of $ 0.285!
Note that deposits and withdrawals from Ecomwallet are still suspended until integration into Ecomtrading is complete. The integration will end in September, and this will be announced soon.

And finally and third, you can now download the beta version of GymRewards ! after downloading the application, it is already possible to get ECK tokens in a few minutes

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