Earning bitcoins with Sephora

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An application integrated with the Lolli browser allows several consumers to purchase Sephora brand online beauty products in return for compensation in the form of Bitcoin.

Link bitcoin to makeup

“We went back to a lot of these retailers who were not interested before, but joined us now. One of the biggest companies that has just joined us is Sephora, which brings together a whole series of retailers in the beauty category, “said Alex Adelman, Lolli’s CEO, speaking to CoinDesk.

Sephora is taking advantage of this holiday season to attract women to the most sumptuous makeup while allowing them to generate profits in Bitcoin. Customers can now fill their digital wallets with beauty kits using the Lolli app.

The virtual currency market has been in the red for some time – the price of Bitcoin went from $ 20,000 in December 2017 to around $ 3,500 in recent days. However, this value is substantial and the lucky women will be able to enjoy beauty products without worrying about the price.

Reverse the trend

Lolli is a rewards platform that offers BTC consumers when they shop at online retailers, such as Sephora . Only 30% of Lolli users are women, but the situation may change in the future.

Consumers need to install the Lolli app in their Chrome browser and just have to buy online as they normally would.

“Having places where they can make money, not just investing in or crypto-mining, will attract a whole new audience,” added Adelman.

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