Doug Ford could replace the currency on all license plates

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Premier Doug Ford had already indicated that he was considering replacing the motto of Ontario Yours to Discover by Open for Business on commercial vehicle license plates. He adds now that there will also be “changes” for individuals.

Ford, however, refuses to say more about the April 11 budget.

He said that during Question Period Tuesday in the Legislature, it will not cost Ontarians a nickel.

The NDP opposition has called the idea of wasted money and bizarre, ego-driven attempts to turn each license plate into a vanity project for Ford .

For the Prime Minister, the slogan Open for Business aims to attract more businesses to the province. Last November, he unveiled a series of road signs installed on the borders of the province on which this currency was inscribed.

The currency Yours to Discover has been used on the license plates of the province since the 1980s.

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