Donald Trump’s schedule is not overloaded


The publication of the “private” timetable of Donald Trump over the last three months reveals very long hours without any activity announced. But his team assures him: the president of the United States works “hard”.

According to these documents, published this weekend by Axios, the first five hours of the day of Mr. Trump are usually placed under the sign of “executive time”, a vague formula that leaves room for many interpretations. 

One certainty, though: the 45th President of the United States is a steadfast television viewer, as evidenced by many of his tweets that are all hot reactions to the programs of Fox News, his favorite channel. 

For the US executive, reducing this “executive time” to free time is caricature. 

“To scare the schedules is a shameful breach of trust,” said Madeleine Westerhout, a close associate of the White House tenant.  

“What they do not show are the hundreds of calls and meetings that Donald Trump participates in every day,” she added on Twitter. “This president works harder for Americans than anyone else before him in recent history.” 

On Monday, as on most days last week, the US President’s official schedule contained only two lines. 

11.45: The president attends the briefing of the intelligence services.  

12.45 pm: The president has lunch with the vice-president. 

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