Dogecoin and Litecoin transactions outnumber those of Bitcoin Cash

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The cryptocurrency community seems to have thrown part of its sights on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However this digital currency derived from the most important of all, Bitcoin (BTC), is sacked with mockery of all kinds. This time, after Lil Windex’s song, which proves that the BCH is a joke in the same way as his theme song, a Twitter user said in a controversial tweet that Bitcoin Cash contains fewer transactions than the Dogecoin.

The Dogecoin and the Litecoin are far ahead of the Bitcoin Cash

The Dogecoin is what’s called “a joke money. “ Its existence amounts to proof that people buy anything. Its use remains fairly theoretical, there are few mainstream commercial applications related to Dogecoin. However, it arouses interest from users as users provide Dogecoin-related tips to others to provide refreshing, interesting, and remarkable content.

While many users support Bitcoin Cash, even calling it “the real Bitcoin,” it is the result of much disagreement about how to deal with Bitcoin scalability. Its faster transaction speed than the BTC is a key argument for its fans to value. Its adoption seems to be more favorable to the merchants. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin was quoted in such statements as “that’s what Satoshi would have liked,” although no tangible information on the opinion of this iconic character of the cryptocurrency community was disclosed.

Obviously, when it comes to Bitcoin Cash, there is always room for discussion. Whalepool says the BCH is not the chain for transactions and traders. It has fewer transactions than the Dogecoin and Litecoin combined.

The meritocracy around Bitcoin Cash

Whalepool’s Twitter account claims that the BCH makes only a minimal number of transactions in the network, so little that the Dogecoin and Litecoin are even far ahead. However, the number of transactions is not everything that makes the operation of a cryptocurrency.

It is true that the figures of last March, are bad enough for Bitcoin Cash. However, the BCH’s current trading volume is almost greater than the Dogecoin’s, although it is quite far from Litecoin on this point. Currencies are seeing price increases during the same period, which is quite intriguing.

Bitcoin Cash has about 20,000 transactions a day against the Litecoin with 30,000 daily transactions and the Dogecoin with 20,000. Bitcoin Cash is certainly less used, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. All crypto-currencies are inferior to Bitcoin, which stays warm on its throne.

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