Dish Network accepts Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin as a means of payment

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Dish Network is one of the first companies to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. She recently announced plans to add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to her payment alternatives.

Accept Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment

The US subscription television provider, Dish Network, announces that it accepts a second digital currency 4 years after taking over the first one. With 14 million subscribers in 2014, it was considered the most important company in the world to accept Bitcoin for its services.

Now, Dish users are free to pay for their monthly subscriptions and pay-per-view movies with two different crypto-currencies, namely Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In order to make a single payment on the company’s website or its set-top box, it is sufficient to send the exact amount in BTC or BCH.

John Swieringa, Dish’s executive vice president and chief operating officer said:

“We added Bitcoin Cash, as we chose to accept bitcoin to serve customers who have adopted a new way of doing business. “

BitPay comes into play

Dish has also changed its payment processor, now working with BitPay i l should bring a greater degree of “choice and convenience”.

BitPay has been one of the world’s largest providers of virtual currencies to collect $ 40 million in a round of B round financing last April.

Sonny Singh, BitPay’s CCO commented on the partnership with Dish saying:

“Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular way for consumers to shop online because they reduce credit card fraud and are cheaper for merchants. “

What do you think of Dish Network accepting Bitcoin Cash in addition to Bitcoin as a payment method? What other digital currency should it accept? Comment in the comments section below.

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