Disappointed by ZZ Top


A fan paid close to $ 500 to meet the group

Benoît Gravel paid $ 476 for a ticket that allowed him to meet ZZ Top on August 16th at the Videotron Center. In the photo, we see him with musicians Dusty Hill, Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons.

If you buy a “meet and greet” package to meet your favorite band after the show, there is no guarantee that it will be generous with you. And this, even if you paid hundreds of dollars for this meeting. A Quebec fan of ZZ Top learned this to his cost last week.

“It was only two pictures, in a few seconds. And I was quickly asked to move. “

Last week, Benoît Gravel went to the group’s concert at the Videotron Center in Quebec, with his girlfriend. He had paid no less than $ 952 for his pair of tickets, which allowed him to meet the musicians after the show.

“Everybody told me I was sick of paying so much, because it was as expensive as a trip to the South,” he says. But I thought it was worth it. “

He quickly disillusioned. In the company of about thirty other fans of the group who had also bought this package, he waited nearly 45 minutes before meeting Dusty Hill, Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons.

“Before they arrived, their tour director told us they could not ask for autographs or shake hands,” he says. It was really strict. I did try to talk to the band members and was quickly brought back to order. “

Although he liked his concert, Benoît Gravel said he left with a bitter taste following this behind-the-scenes experience. “I do not want to complain, but rather warn people. It was the first time I bought such a package and I was expecting to be able to talk a little with the band. If I had been told that the “meet and greet” package included only one picture, I would not have taken it. “

Managed by the ZZ Top team

The “exclusive meeting” procedure was managed by the ZZ Top team, we were told at the Videotron Center, as is always the case during these events. “They give us the procedure and we apply it. Our involvement stops there, “said spokesman David Messier.

The promoter of the ZZ Top tour, Live Nation, did not respond to our interview request.

Contacted by Le Journal, the ZZ Top publicist indicated that the group’s exclusive encounters with fans were handled “efficiently” and “courteously” and that the objective of the operation was to take pictures. The ZZ Top tour team, for its part, answered that it had never heard such a “complaint” from a fan and that this situation could only be an isolated case.

By doing a quick search on the web, we can find on blogs and forums other similar stories of admirers disappointed by their meeting with ZZ Top, including one in New Jersey, in 2014, and another, in Ohio, in 2012.

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