Did the Simpsons predict the pot legalization in 2005?

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There are countless episodes where the Simpson revealed prophecies. Be it the election of Trump, the Rolling Stones still active in 2015 or the Apple Watch.

But the legalization of the pot?

The Daily Mail makes a connection between the legalization of cannabis in Canada last Wednesday and a 2005 Simpson passage . 

During the episode aired during the 16 th  season, Homer, Grandpa Simpson, Apu and Flanders crossing the Canadian border to stock up on cheaper medicines. All for the purpose of resale in Springfield. 

In the episode Midnight RX, the neighbor of the Simpsons, the believer Ned Flanders meets his Canadian lookalike. The two exchange a few words in their dialects punctuated with “Okilly Dokilly”. Until the Canadian Flanders provides a seal (nicknamed reefarino ) at the right Ned reminding him that it’s legal north of the 49 th  parallel.

Ned, repulsed, said: “I was warned that Satan would be attractive … Let’s go!”

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