Death of a mover in Charlevoix: the victims were 500 meters from their destination


This was the total misunderstanding on Thursday at the premises of the moving company Nap Giroux, who lost a worker in the violent out of the road of one of his trucks in the Charlevoix region.

Stéphane Boudreau, a 48-year-old Quebec resident, died after the moving truck he was in charge dumped himself in a ditch on Wednesday at the bottom of a hill on Principale Street in Petite-Riviere-du-Québec. Saint Francis.

The accident occurred while the four movers on board were only 500 meters from their destination. They had loaded the 28-foot vehicle earlier on Île d’Orléans.


In front of the offices of Nap Giroux, in Quebec, the employees were inconsolable in the aftermath of the tragedy. Flowers were deposited on the car of the victim.

The deceased’s colleagues planted flowers on his vehicle, in front of the offices of the Nap Giroux moving company, as a tribute.

“The guys are shaken, they put flowers on his tank. We are in shock. He was more than a driver, he was a friend to all the guys. We’re just a core of 15 to 20 regular here. [Stéphane Boudreau] was with us for four or five years, “says the co-owner of the company, Frédéric Giroux.

During the passage of the Journal , a survivor of the collision, his face still covered with injuries, said he was outraged by the assumptions made by witnesses that the “misunderstanding” of the Charlevoix coasts could be involved, since the company serves clients to Labrador and is familiar with steep terrain.

Checked brakes

He assures that his colleague has indeed immobilized the truck and proceeded to the mandatory check of the brakes at the top of the coast in the area provided for this purpose a few minutes before the tragedy. He did not want to offer any other comments.

Stéphane Boudreau had about 25 years of experience in moving and trucking. “We can not understand,” said Mr. Giroux.

The other three passengers, all of whom are Nap Giroux employees, come out alive with various injuries. According to Mr. Giroux, two were discharged from the hospital, while another was still receiving treatment on Thursday, after having had a long leg surgery for an open fracture.

In addition, tributes to the deceased have multiplied on the Facebook page of La Bourgeoise resto-bar, where the victim was still working as a night porter, in the evening, in addition to making day moves.

“He was a guy with contagious joie de vivre and a great family man,” said owner Dany Lepage, who describes himself as an old friend of the man.

The Sûreté du Québec sent re-enactment experts to the scene of the tragedy, but it could not explain the road exit on Thursday. The theses of mechanical breakage and human error are studied. Those of dangerous driving or impaired driving are discarded.


A municipal councilor from Petite-Rivière-Saint-François is asking for more safety in the coast where a mover lost his life on Wednesday.

Jérôme Bouchard recalls that this is not the first fatal accident to occur in this area of ​​Principale Street.

In 2013, a concrete mixer narrowly avoided a school bus. Unable to stop, she had launched into the only stop bed on the coast, which was not enough to slow her momentum. The truck ended up in a ravine, killing the 32-year-old driver.

In 2010, a similar accident occurred, but the trucker miraculously survived.

A second stop bed?

As a result of these accidents, the Ministry of Transportation made improvements to the main street stop bed.

Mr. Bouchard believes that this is not enough and that a second stop bed is needed. He also wants the establishment of a roundabout at the height of the path of Martine, at the top of the coast.

According to him, these changes are needed as the Club Med is approaching the foot of the Charlevoix Massif, which could increase automobile traffic and trucking in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François.

“These are big pennies, it’s not something that is easy to do, but it really needs to happen, especially with the big developments that come to us,” thinks the elected .

Upcoming analyzes

Without promoting a particular project, Mayor Gérald Maltais says he trusts the government.

“There is a request that has been made to the Quebec Ministry of Transport to pay particular attention to the flow of traffic we will have in future years,” he says.

At the MTQ, it is mentioned that a road safety impact assessment is carried out when major projects, such as Club Med, are launched in a given region.

The spokesman of the ministry, Alexandre Bougie, adds that experts will look at the deadly collision that occurred on Wednesday.

“You have to know that every time there is a fatal event on the departmental network, there is a process that’s going on,” he says, the goal being to establish “whether the environment could play a role “.


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