Death after swallowing an ecstasy pill, her sister launches a warning


It is heartbroken, but wanting to educate young people about the dangers of drugs that a girl has posted a photo on his Facebook page showing his brother shortly before his death.

Natalie Taylor of Derdyshire, England, was with her brother, James Yates, on July 24, when she took a picture of him while he was in a coma, reports the MailOnline.

The 19-year-old who enjoyed life took a bite of ecstasy, but also contained other substances Monday at a party. James suffered a failure of all his organs. Despite treatment received at the hospital, he died Tuesday morning.

In a Facebook post, Natalie Taylor wrote on her wall:

“This is what happened to my brother because of the drugs. They are dangerous, and as you can see, it is kept alive artificially. This photo was taken shortly before he died. The drug caused his organs to fail, he had internal bleeding, and he was resuscitated three times. In the end he no longer had any blood pressure, and no medicine worked for him. The drug that was given to him was mixed with another substance, but they do not know what it was. He was a very vulnerable adult, he had some problems. Think twice before giving or selling drugs knowing the effects that can produce, and knowing that it cost us the life of our brother, who was just 19 years old. He should still be with us if he does not was not people distributing drugs like sweets. Words can not describe how heartbreaking it is. I just hope he’s at peace now! It’s not goodbye James, we’re just separated by time and distance, we’ll meet you again someday and I know you’ll always be with us. “

James was suffering from a spectrum disorder of fetal alcohol, which, according to Ms. Taylor, made him vulnerable.

“His death does not even seem real to any of us. The whole family is destroyed. Nobody expected that to happen, ever. “She says if her message can prevent someone from selling or using drugs, she will be satisfied. “James is the proof that drugs can kill. He was not an addict, it only takes once. “

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