Dangerous driving causing death: the policeman was traveling at 134 km / h in the 50 km / h zone


The police officer of the Sûreté du Québec accused of causing the death of a 5-year-old child during a spinning operation in Longueuil would have rolled up to two and a half times over the limit of 50 km / h before the impact.

In the seconds before the collision that killed the little Nicholas Thorne-Belance, Patrick Ouellet agent was traveling at 134 km / h emphasized the Crown prosecutor, M e Geneviève Langlois, in his opening statement.

During the impact, his speed would hardly have decreased to around 122 km / h.

The trial of the SQ police officer, who is accused of dangerous driving causing the death of the toddler, began this morning at the Longueuil courthouse.

The facts date back to February 13, 2014, at around 7.50 am, while the agent was conducting a spin-off operation in connection with an investigation of corruption and breach of trust against elected officials, civil servants and businessmen .

Ouellet, who will turn 34 tomorrow, was then to take note of the movements of a “subject” whose identity was not revealed to the court.

The latter was heading to the Champlain Bridge and was making no move to counter police spinning, said M e Langlois Eric Simard judge.

Constable Ouellet reportedly was traveling at high speed on Gaétan-Boucher Boulevard, in a residential area in the Saint-Hubert borough, when he passed Mike Belance’s road.

The latter was traveling in the opposite direction on the same boulevard, where the tracks are separated by a platform.

At the intersection of Davis Boulevard, the father turned left at the traffic light.

It was at this moment that the policeman Ouellet’s Toyota Camry hit Mr. Belance’s Kia Spectra hard at the rear passenger door.

Little Nicholas succumbed to severe head trauma in the following days.

The trial of Patrick Ouellet agent, which is defended by M e Nadine Touma, expected to last two weeks.

More details to come …

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