Dan Bigras is completely cured of his cancer


Singer Dan Bigras made the happiness of his fans by announcing Monday night that he is now completely cured of his colorectal cancer.

“I am in shock. A happy shock but a shock anyway. Today I met my oncologist and I had the result of my scans. More cancer, more metastasis. Finished, terminado, “he exclaimed in a publication on his Twitter account.

The singer had to undergo surgery last fall to treat his cancer. He had to go through six months of preventive chemotherapy to prevent the disease from coming back.

Dan Bigras had explained last May, in an interview with the magazine “The Week”, that the treatment of his cancer had gone well. In fact, he even managed to get on stage during his chemotherapy, especially in the Francos de Montréal.

He also mentioned that he would have “two chances out of three to have nothing” after his last treatment.

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