Curv hires former BitGo Vice President of Sales

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While the digital asset securement market has almost reached saturation, Curv, the startup recently launched by the Digital Currency group , would still like to make a name for itself. In that sense, she hired an expert in this sector.

Develop the company’s clientele

Josh Schwartz, BitGo’s vice president of sales , will take over the position of chief operating officer of the startup Curv. He would be responsible for promoting the company’s new digital asset storage solution.

In other words, the company believes that Schwartz’s sales experience with one of the world’s largest custodians of cryptocurrencies could help it expand its customer base.

At the same time, the attractiveness of Curv’s portfolio products is able to convert traditional financial enthusiasts to crypto-investments.

Indeed, its digital asset preservation service would be considered more secure than traditional digital asset custody services.

By selling an innovative solution

Curv’s new solution would give its users total control over their digital resources through mathematically proven security, called secure multiparty computing (MPC).

This initiative represents a major innovation in the asset secu- rity sector, because so far, the famous cryptocurrency custodians, like BitGo, Coinbase Custody or Xapo, supervise the private keys of the users and thus become the point of failure that can be exploited by hackers.

Thus, Genesis Trading compares this new method as the Holy Grail of crypto-security, because it would allow several parties to calculate a function together without revealing the inputs used.

The confidentiality of the data would then be fully guaranteed, and at the same time, the customers and the company would have their share of responsibility respectively for the storage of the assets.

Do you think Josh Schwartz’s sales experience will help Curv spread its new digital asset security service?Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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