CryptoKitties: € 62,000 auction begins for Stephen Curry’s avatar

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This is the first partnership between a celebrity and CryptoKitties , and the least we can say is that the kittens went to get the top of the basket. These are indeed three felines like Stephen Curry who have recently emerged!

The creators of the digital collectible cats operating on the Ethereum network are launching a new marketing campaign, featuring kitties with the image of Stephen Curry.

The first is available at auction since yesterday. Under the name of Steph Fur Three , it is sold by the personal account of the famous player of the Golden States Warrior . For now, Steph Fur Three is estimated at 96.914 ETH or about 62 000 € at the current price .

This is news that will not fail to talk about her. For those who do not know, Stephen Curry is a player immensely popular basketball, ESPN list of the most popular athletes also up in the 11 th position, just after Tiger Woods and before Novak Djokovic .

A renewed interest could be beneficial for CryptoKitties. Indeed, since December and the bursting of the “bubble”, we went from about 17,000 sales per day (at the highest) for a traded volume of about 48,000 ETH , to a handful of hundreds of exchanges every day , the daily volume rarely exceeds 15 ETH .

This is not the first time that Cryptokitties offers exclusive cats, it had already been done, for example, during Valentine’s Day .

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