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Anime enthusiasts (animated manga) can now enjoy a new representation of their favorite entertainment. Recently, CryptoArt digital collectibles powered by Blockchain technology have been launched.

First place in the world market for collectibles like “CryptoArt”

Together, an entertainment studio and a popular Japanese anime introduced the first sale of CryptoArt digital collectibles.

An anime of 30 minutes was the subject of this CryptoArt collection. The main character is a girl named Tohoku Zunku.
Julian Lai-Hung , the co-founder and CEO of CryptoArt and BlockPunk has stated :

Our mission is to bring the benefits of decentralization to the animation industry and filmmakers around the world. The CryptoArt collection is a great way to start, as studios can instantly sell digital artworks around the world without the need for complex retail transactions like the physical world. We are entering a new era of digital property thanks to the scarcity of cryptocurrencies. We are excited to launch Zunda Horizon and collect as much money as possible for Tohoku charities in Japan.

Collectibles can be exchanged for Ethereum (ETH) . The proceeds will be donated entirely to Tohoku Tsunami charities, as already mentioned by Julian Lai-Hung.

Startups are free to join the online entertainment studio by selling their digital works and without being forced to submit to complicated obligations and strict rules.

BlockPunk describes CryptoArt as a unique combination

BlockPunk characterizes the CryptoArt project as a unique initiative designed on the Blockchain network. All items sold on the CryptoArt network are subject to verification certifying that it is original work without any falsification.

Hiroaki Takeuchi, the executive producer of Zunda Horizon, announced:

Zunda Horizon is a combination of Tohoku culture, the best Japanese animation profession, and innovative technology. When we managed to apprehend the Blockchain, there was a complete alignment on this innovative concept. We are very happy to bring a large audience to Tohoku Zunko!

Japanese culture has always been the first to adopt new technologies. A group of pop singers made their debut in January under the name of ”  Virtual Currency Girls ”  or “Girls of the Virtual Currency”. The eight members each represent a cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monacoin, NEM, NEO and Ripple. The group’s passion for anime is reflected through their French maid costumes in the cosplay style. This accoutrement is very popular with anime characters.

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What do you think of the launch of the first anime market based on the Blockchain? How far will the Japanese go with their overflowing passion for new technologies including crypto-currencies and Blockchain? Comment in the comments section below.

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