Crypterium will reach 500 million Europeans and will have 42 million payment terminals

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Since April 3, Crypterium announces to have established an important partnership in view of the development of the services of its crypto-bank. 500 million Europeans will soon be able to use Crypterium digital wallets on any contactless payment terminal in Europe, as well as 42 million global terminals.

This is the result of the strategic partnership established between Crypterium , the crypto-bank that provides banking and payment services to crypto holders, and World Capacity Builders (WCB) , a British Columbia company with international partnerships in the Fintech industry. The integration phase has already begun .

“World Capacity Builders Inc. is a private company in British Columbia dedicated to improving access to technology and financial services solutions for underserved and underserved communities around the world. To achieve this goal, the company partners with other companies that are working on new tools and technologies, and sharing their values. Can we read on the site

This new alliance aims to achieve several fundamental objectives in the post-ICO phase of Crypterium. First, this union expands the global physical and digital reach of Crypterium in its efforts to find a viable payment solution for each country: WCB boasts an existing global payment solutions network that targets the 2 billion people unbanked worldwide . This vast network of payment services also lends itself to traditional payment markets that are ripe to expand to include cryptocurrency solutions.

“Our partnership with World Capacity Builders is the first step, there are more to come. For example, we partner with companies to work with Chinese citizens outside of China and, hopefully, inside China. And we also have alliances with a pretty large number of dedicated payment solutions across Asia, including one with more than 500,000 payment terminals, “said Austin Kimm, CEO of Crypterium. *

Crypterium recently achieved one of the largest token sales of all time in terms of amount raised (more than $ 51 million), and in terms of the number of tokens buyers (over 72,000), to which have participated people in more than 153 countries. The objective of the company is to provide a complete crypto-bank service vertically integrated to its customers. With a new mobile payment app, the company is enabling individuals and businesses to spend cryptocurrency in a more affordable and efficient way.

Currently, the CRPT token is already available for purchase on the HitBTC trading site .

If you missed the ICO of this crypto-bank, you can then go to his brother , ICO Saifu , a crypto-bank that will offer in addition to its cryptos features  IBAN, a mastercard and other services from traditional banks.

Do you think you need, now or in the future, a bank that supports your crypto-currencies? 

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