CRTC wants to force providers to block unwanted calls

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The CRTC is asking telecommunications service providers offering telephony services to implement a call blocking system at their network level within a year.

The measure will provide Canadians with an additional level of protection and is part of the CRTC’s policy framework for dealing with unwanted calls and unsolicited calls.

Calls with Caller ID information exceeding 15 digits or not compliant with a number that can be dialed (eg, 000-000-0000) will be blocked before consumers are called .

Suppliers have until December 19 to comply with this new directive.

“We are confident that this latest decision will help reduce the number of illicit appeals Canadians face on a regular basis,” said Ian Scott, President and CEO of the CRTC. A call blocking system will provide them with an extra level of protection, while ensuring they continue to receive legitimate calls, and will encourage suppliers to continue to work on this issue. ”

The CRTC has already instructed suppliers to track the number of customer complaints they receive about unwanted calls.

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