COVID-19: warning against a precipitous return to normal


While many already anticipate the end of containment measures impatiently, an expert warns of the too hasty return to normal pending the development of a vaccine.

“If you look at Hong Kong, they did a good job of controlling the epidemic. The measures became more flexible because there were fewer and fewer cases every day. The population is less on guard and hop, the number of cases is starting to rise again, “explained Benoît Mâsse, full professor in the department of social and preventive medicine at the University of Montreal.

Passing at the microphone of the show Mario Dumont’s return to QUB radio , the latter reminds that to officially declare the pandemic as over, 28 consecutive days must pass without new cases reported. 

“It’s four consecutive weeks without cases, and before that we saw a decrease in the numbers for about two weeks. So we’re talking about six weeks where all we have is good news, but we can’t move, ”he wrote.

“The pressure then becomes excessively strong and we relax.”

Benoît Mâsse therefore provides for a certain period of alternation between confinement and return to normal, and this, “as long as the vaccine is not ready”.

Same story on the side of the borders, their reopening should wait, according to him. “We must be certain that in the other provinces, among our neighbors to the south and even in Europe, they too have succeeded in controlling the epidemic. It is not clear to me that we will all succeed at the same time, “he warned.

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