COVID-19: “it’s very, very sick,” says a man who has it


A 53-year-old man with COVID-19 is adamant: “you really don’t want to have that”.

“It’s very, very painful, it’s tiring, very painful. Big headaches, general fatigue all the time, “said Patrick Lowe, a Montreal resident.

On his ninth day of COVID-19, Mr. Lowe, who had fever up to 102 ° F (38.9 ° C), believes that “it hit hard from the beginning “.

“We’re coming back from a trip, we have flu-like symptoms, like an 18-wheeler going on your body, you’re weak, you’re sick,” he said.

“I already had influenzas. Well, after two, three days in bed, four days, you come back and you’re no worse. You always feel like you go up more every day. That doesn’t work like that at all. There are days when things are going a little better and there, “paf”, it strikes you and you are no longer able to move. ”

Patrick Lowe, a fit man who eats “healthy” and does half marathons, was told that the worst days of COVID-19 are “six to ten” days.

“I am on day nine and I can tell you that since day six, we [he and his spouse] are completely emptied. She threw us to the ground completely, ”he added.

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