Counterfeit passports in Bitcoin circulate in Bulgaria

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Bulgarian authorities caught in the act three officials who issued cryptomoneyed false passports to foreigners.

A corrupt official

Peter Haralampiev, an international affairs officer, is among those arrested, along with Krasimir Tomov, the secretary general of the agency, and Mark Stoyov, an employee of the same agency. These three officials have been accused of having mounted extensive trafficking to provide their clients (Ukrainian, Moldovan and Macedonian) for falsified passports payable in bitcoin.

Although the defendants have denied the involvement of their clients in this fraudulent operation, the Attorney General emphasizes the fact that they hold evidence that verifies the veracity of this strike.

The confiscation of the Bitcoin wallets of the accused thus revealed that a portion of the amounts collected was converted into cryptocurrencies.

The case goes beyond Bulgaria

The fake passports were intended for several illegal immigrants wishing to move freely within the EU.

A gang of Polish criminals illegally sold Polish passports to Ukrainians so that they could stay in Britain. The alleged fraud concerns the issuing of fake Schengen visas, false driving licenses and false residence cards.

After Bulgaria’s accession to the EU in 2007, the number of applications for Bulgarian citizenship has skyrocketed. However, most of these requests used false certificates issued by corrupt state officials.

In addition to the involvement of officials in this action, which is recognized as a crime against the law, 20 criminals were recently arrested in Bulgaria for selling falsified documents to immigrant citizens. The suspects would have received nearly 4870 € for each request.

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