Coinbase supports EOS, Maker (MKR) and Augur (REP)

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Coinbase has just announced the new listing of three cryptocurrencies, namely EOS, Maker (MKR) and Augur (REP) . As usual, some implementation steps will have to be followed before the full opening of the trading services.

Coinbase stuffs his list

In a jiffy, Coinbase has managed to get into the crypto universe by listing essential tokens in its platform. Recently, it announced the new listing of three cryptocurrencies namely: EOS, MKR and REP. For reasons of judicial restriction, the introduction of the EOS and REP (USD / EUR / BTC) trading pairs will exclude the state of New York, and the MKR pairs (USD / EUR / BTC) will exclude the US. Today, Coinbase has a presence in 42 countries and some 20 million users.

The launch steps

Like the previous additions, Coinbase prepares the launch of assets following specific steps:

  • Transfer-Only: Transfer to Coinbase Pro Accounts / No Order Service / Transfer Order Book Only for 12 Hours
  • Post-Only : Registration of limited orders / No correspondence / order book in post-only mode for one minute
  • Limited-Only : Limited Order Matching / Limited Order Book Only for 10 Minutes
  • Full Trading : Full Trading Services

What do you think of the addition of EOS, MAKER and Augur in Coinbase? Comment in the comments section.

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