Coinbase embarks on cross-border payments

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Ripple would not be the only ecosystem to integrate cross-border payments into its corporate policy. The American cryptocurrency Coinbase would also have followed suit .

Transfer of funds around the world

This development offers Coinbase customers the ability to send and receive funds for free worldwide.

It also allows all crypto-users to instantly convert their crypto-currencies into fiduciary currency.

This service was put in place with the help of Ripple (XRP) and USDCoin (USDC) the dollar-based stablecoin.

The cryptochange service continues its expansion

The new service offering is part of Coinbase’s democratization policy.

In October 2018, the crypto-stock exchange had added its first stablecoin, the USDC .

However, March was the richest month in development.

Coinbase has set up a service linking the accounts of users of the platform to its digital wallet, Coinbase Wallet .

She had also created Coinbase Pro , a new market structure dedicated to professional trading to increase liquidity, and at the same time prevent price swings.

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