Cobo and the Litecoin Foundation create a tablet that stores crypto-currencies

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In partnership with Cobo, the Litecoin Foundation  has put on sale a tablet for cryptos to secure the recovery phrases of wallets. The logo of the cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) is stamped on the top of the tablet.

A Cobo tablet

The new tablet offered by the Litecoin Foundation ensures the storage of passwords or security phrases .

The Foundation is aware of the issue at stake, which has led to the development of a very resistant tablet – water, acid and corrosion. The material used for the device at the forefront of new technologies, aluminum 6 series, is that used in aircraft.

In addition, the Litecoin Foundation announced the news on its official Twitter account on May 3. The Tweet reads as follows:

“Discover our collaboration with @CoboVault for our brand Cobo Litecoin-branded! Get yours for only $ 49.00 via …. .. … 🔐💪💪⚡️ »

☑️Secure your crypto-currencies on your own terms 
☑️Do not rely on paper storage for your seed / recovery phrases. 
☑️Support the Litecoin Foundation! ” 

A co-branded tablet between Cobo and Litecoin

The tablet is designed to support 12-, 18-, and 24-word sentences. Jaxx, Exodus and other open source coin purses as well as virtual currencies including Ardor are compatible with the phrase phrase recovery mechanism.

This will make it easier for users to access their funds with the Litecoin Cobo tablet and their virtual wallets.

In fact, Cobo is a crypto-currency hardware and software portfolio provider that is working hard to increase the feasibility and security of virtual currency storage.

He has set up a mobile wallet service, a portfolio for cold storage and conservation services for institutional investors.

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