Celine Dion’s fortune valued at $ 579 million

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Celine Dion’s fortune, estimated at $ 579 million, ranks the Quebec singer in 46th place in the list of the richest women in America, according to the annual ranking of Forbes magazine .

The US publication unveiled on Monday its list of 60 women personalities “having succeeded by themselves” ( self-made-women , in their words) the richest, where representatives of different backgrounds, from entertainment to the world of business, going through fashion and computers.

Among the stars of the cultural field, Oprah Winfrey is the one whose personal fortune is the most impressive; its assets, estimated at $ 4.18 billion by Forbes , put it in sixth position. The singer Madonna also looks good in 36th position with its some 795 million dollars in bank.

And the richest of all? The title goes to the American businesswoman Diane Hendricks who occupies the first position with $ 6.6 billion to his credit.

Among the stars

At number 46, Celine Dion still outperforms many other popular singers, according to Forbes magazine . The 50-year-old star surpasses Barbra Streisand (ranked 48th with just under $ 539 million), Beyoncé (ranked 53rd with $ 478 million) and Taylor Swift (ranked 60th with $ 431 million).

And although Charlemagne’s diva fell a few rows (she finished 43rd at the same time last year), her fortune continues to grow. According to Forbesmagazine estimates , it has risen from $ 545 million to $ 579 million in the last 12 months.

The singer, however, left the top 100 best-paid celebrities of the year, also published Monday by Forbes magazine . She is absent this time, having sat in 55th position in 2017.

Lucrative concerts

Celine Dion does not have to worry. Although she had to cancel several shows recently due to a rare tubal bite, a rare ear condition, she now ranks 53rd among the most lucrative North American tours, according to the Mid-Year Review. from Pollstar. His concerts given at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace have garnered more than $ 13 million in revenue since the beginning of 2018.

It is to the American singer Pink that returns the first position of this Pollstar charts. His Beautiful Trauma tour has so far generated more than $ 128 million in ticket sales.

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