Cannabis: the rules to follow

General Information

It’s no secret that cannabis has now been legalized everywhere in Canada since yesterday. This novelty is accompanied by many rules that will affect the daily lives of consumers: try to see clearly to avoid fines!


Smoking cannabis will primarily be prohibited wherever it is already forbidden to smoke or vapoter tobacco, that is to say in public places such as bars and terraces, sports centers, schools, theaters … The 9 meter rule will apply in the same way: it will therefore be forbidden to smoke within 9 meters of any door, window or air intake of any of these places.

Smoking cannabis in forbidden places will cost you more than smoking cigarettes! The fines will range from $ 500 to $ 2,500. These amounts will be doubled in case of recidivism.

Warning: some municipalities have decided to go even further, as the cities of Sherbrooke and Lévis, which prohibit cannabis smoking in all public places, including sidewalks, parks, etc.

At work

The law prohibits the smoking of cannabis in most workplaces. As with cigarettes, the 9-meter rule also applies to these places.

A worker whose abilities are impaired by the use of cannabis also does not have the right to work if his condition represents a danger for himself or for others. To prevent such situations, the employer can create a stricter policy to regulate the use of cannabis by its employees, especially if these are positions for which safety is crucial.

At home

First, it is forbidden to smoke in common areas of a building with two or more units, unless it is in a converted smoker. Fines range from $ 500 to $ 1,500; double, in case of recidivism.

And at your home ? Between October 17, 2018 and January 15, 2019, your landlord has the right to modify your lease to include a ban on smoking cannabis. It will therefore have some remedies that can go so far as to end your lease if you decide to smoke despite the ban. The law only allows you to refuse the modification of the lease if the consumption is due to medical reasons.

In any situation, including if you own, you must respect the rules of good neighborliness: a complaint could be filed against you if the smoke or excessive odors disturb your neighbors.

In Your Car

You will not have the right to use cannabis in a car, even if you are a passenger. It is also forbidden to drive if your faculties are weakened by cannabis or other drugs. In case of arrest, the police will be able to perform certain tests to assess, for example, your balance, your gait and the movement of your eyes. The consequences of an offense are serious and can go as far as imprisonment.

A device for the detection of cannabis in saliva is currently being approved by the Quebec Ministry of Public Security. With this device, a zero tolerance policy will be implemented.

You could see your driver’s license being suspended for 90 days, in addition to being fined from $ 300 to $ 600, double for repeat offenders. Fines will also be higher if you have to have an alcohol ignition interlock device  in your car.


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