Cannabis: the puzzle of homeowners

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Homeowners are still concerned about ten days of legalizing the recreational use of cannabis.

In an interview in Quebec Morning , the president of the Quebec Landlords Association answered questions many people are asking.

In what state of mind are the owners?

“We will have to juggle with people who decide to smoke cannabis in their homes and their neighbors, the children of those neighbors,” Martin Messier explains.

“Many homeowners have already made changes to their leases, but we will see if tenants respect these changes and this will be an important issue this year.”

“The cannabis smoke is much stronger and what the studies tell us is that the THC goes through the walls, so it worries our owners and parents who have young children.”

What are the owners asking the new government?

“We are already happy to be able to send a notice of modification of the lease, so the homeowner is able to send within 90 days of October 17 to send a notice to prohibit the possibility of smoking cannabis.

“If in a home it’s not the place to smoke and it’s forbidden anywhere else, there’s a thought to be made about it”.

What is the ideal solution?

“We hope there will be the possibility of marketing elements that will allow people to use smokeless cannabis, such as cannabis brownies.”

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