Cannabis store already under development

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TROIS-RIVIÈRES – The workers are already at work in the commercial space that will house the legal point of sale for cannabis in Trois-Rivières.

The windows were completely hidden so that nothing of the interior fittings could be visible before the opening on October 17th.

The municipal building permit issued on behalf of the Société des alcools du Québec, of which the Quebec Cannabis Society is the subsidiary, was posted prominently. Renovation work on the premises is estimated at $ 175,000, which does not include costs related to the purchase of furniture, counters and all merchandise preservation equipment.

It is a contractor from La Pocatière who got the contract.

The process of recruiting employees is also underway.

The Liberal MP for Trois-Rivières, Jean-Denis Girard, who took an active role in the adoption of Quebec’s cannabis law, believes that new employees will play a vital role.

“What’s important is to have people who are going to be well trained, to have people who will know the products and to have people who will be able to refer individuals. If you have an individual who shows up too frequently, you need to know which therapy houses, which organizations can help these people, “he explained.

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