Cannabis Production: Minister Guilbault Denounces Health Canada’s Laxity

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Quebec’s Minister of Public Security Geneviève Guilbault deems “inconceivable” that Health Canada will allow criminals to grow cannabis and promises to meet with the federal government to discuss the subject. 

“Health Canada’s laxity with respect to permits for cannabis cultivation is staggering,” she said on Friday in response to our Bureau of Inquiry’s revelations about growing licenses for people “I am asking the federal agency to do a better audit of the individuals to whom they are giving permits,” the minister urged.

“I ask the federal agency to do a better audit of the individuals to whom they give permits,” added the minister.  

In fact, we counted a dozen disturbing cases, such as this member in good standing of the Red Devils East Side, a group sponsored by the Hells who has a license to grow while he has a history of cannabis production.  

He was arrested in Terrebonne in February 2017 while he was “keeper” of the bar Le Maverick. This establishment lost its drinking permit after a plantation of 787 plants was found in an adjacent room behind the bar.    

These licenses are granted to people who have a prescription of therapeutic cannabis obtained from a doctor and who then ask Health Canada to be allowed to cultivate their cannabis for personal use.   

Some police have found that some individuals sell their surplus cannabis on the black market.  

No investigation

Health Canada does not investigate claimants and refuses very few people. According to its regulations, only people who have committed cannabis offenses while in possession of a license may be refused.  

Between October 2018 and June 2019, only 108 applications were refused on nearly 26,000 treaties and accepted.   

Health Canada is also unable to say how many cannabis growers were allowed to grow for personal gain because they do not submit to criminal record checks.      

“It is our police forces that must deal with this issue later,” said Minister Guilbault.  

Several sources tell us that the police are “fed up”. It is as if Health Canada had legalized organized crime activities, another person who wanted to remain anonymous, illustrates.    

Police forces and municipalities made representations to Health Canada, ministers and MPs, to no avail.    

The minister promises to address this issue with the federal Minister of Public Safety as soon as he is appointed. “It’s inconceivable that criminals could grow cannabis with help from Health Canada,” she said.  


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