Cannabis: $ 672 contravention … for the passenger of a vehicle


Winnipeg police were quick to enforce the new provisions of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act regarding cannabis use by a passenger in a vehicle.

Barely an hour after cannabis legalization came into effect, on Tuesday night, a police officer in the Manitoba capital issued a $ 672 fine to someone who had used it in a vehicle on a fast lane. , indicates the Twitter account of the police force.

“Just like alcohol, using cannabis is legal, and as the alcohol consumed in your vehicle is not,” we write on the Twitter account.

In Manitoba, it is forbidden to take cannabis in a vehicle traveling on a highway. This prohibition adds to the prohibition of cannabis-impaired driving.

In Quebec, the provisions banning the use of cannabis by the passenger of a vehicle have not yet come into force, but should be in the coming months, said the Quebec Automobile Insurance Company.

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