Canada leads NATO mission in Iraq

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OTTAWA | Canada will send up to 250 troops, armored vehicles and four helicopters to lead NATO’s training and support mission for Iraq for one year, the Canadian government announced on Wednesday.

Canadian soldiers, led by a major-general who will oversee the NATO mission, will be deployed in the Baghdad region in the fall of 2018 to “help Iraq build a more effective national security structure.” And “enhance the training of Iraqi security forces,” announced Canada.

The announcement comes as leaders of NATO member states gather in Brussels until Thursday for the organization’s annual summit. The meeting is marked by the will of US President Donald Trump to see his allies significantly increase their contributions to the Atlantic Alliance.

Canada has been participating since 2014 in the coalition against the Islamic State (IS) group by conducting air operations and providing medical support and training to Iraqi forces on the ground.

“Mobile training teams to support NATO’s efforts” have also been put in place to combat “improvised explosive devices,” according to the Canadian government.

In early June, Canada announced that Canadian Forces special forces, 210 men on the ground, were no longer providing assistance or training to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters following the retreat of ISIS in the north of the country. ‘Iraq.

Following the retreat of ISIS in several areas, Canada recalled its Aurora surveillance aircraft in mid-December while strengthening its contribution to the coalition’s logistics by sending a second CC-130J transport aircraft to Iraq. Hercules.

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