Can medicinal cannabis benefit animals?


For several months, cannabis has been legalized in Canada. But what about pets?

Medicinal cannabis could one day be a great help to pets, according to Darren Stinson, a veterinarian at Chelmsford Animal Hospital in Northern Ontario.

We believe there are likely benefits, but we do not have an approved product for this substance.

 Darren Stinson, Veterinarian at Chelmsford Animal Hospital

The veterinarian has seen dogs under the influence of cannabis, but most of the time it was accidental consumption.

“There is no legal way for veterinarians to distribute it or prescribe it to a pet,” Stinson said.

The veterinarian believes that cannabis products can help relieve pain, epileptic seizures and other health problems, pets.

However, the process for testing the appropriate dosage levels could take years, according to Stinson.

In the meantime, the vet is asking cannabis users to hide their products. “It smells good for dogs, they like the smell and will eat it if they can. “

An animal that has eaten cannabis can almost feel the same effects as a human.

“They can really, really doze,” says Stinson. “They can become incontinent and pee everywhere. Sometimes they may have convulsions or cardiac arrhythmias, depending on the dose consumed. “

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