Buenos Aires and Bogotá are among the top 10 destinations for cryptocurrency companies

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As Bitcoin fever reaches the world, many cities have begun to adopt a friendly stance towards emerging technologies.Two Latin American capitals appear unsurprisingly in top 10 destinations which would welcome this growing industry.

Buenos Aires and Bogota stand out

The 10 most popular cities for companies working in the cryptocurrency sector are Prague, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Bogotá, Vancouver, London and Paris.

Although, as a rule, the development of cryptocurrencies is positioned in Europe, Asia and North America, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Caracas have been heavily involved in the virtual currency industry.

Buenos Aires has become a technological center in Latin America, being very active on crypto-markets.Several companies accept Bitcoin and altcoins as a method of payment. Some cryptocurrency companies such as Bitex and Satoshi Tango sit elsewhere in the city.

The countries affected by inflation seem to be moving towards virtual currencies. Knowing that Argentina is in financial difficulty, the economy of the local currency is in an inextricable situation. The country today has a large community of Bitcoiners (users and / or Bitcoin enthusiasts).

According to Laura Shin, a former employee of Forbes, citizens of developed countries like the United States have no interest in using virtual currencies because they are simply not necessary.

In countries in financial difficulty however, crypto-currencies prove to be an interesting alternative offering many advantages. 
Colombia is a good example. A wide range of local developers are busy developing the virtual money market to improve its current services.

Startups in certain regions

Madrid, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York are also home to several talented companies and workers in the emerging industry . Nevertheless, some cities are making their way to the most important business destinations related to digital currencies. These include Johannesburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin and Zug.

Thanks to the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, the number of companies in the sector is growing rapidly. Industry regulation is expected to precipitate further adoption.

What do you think of Buenos Aires and Bogotá being among the top destinations for crypto-purses and companies in the Blockchain sector? Let us know in the comments below.

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