British Petroleum tests blockchain technology

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The oil industry giant British Petroleum – BP for Intimates – has long been interested in blockchain technology. The company’s chief technology officer, Julian Gray, has recently confirmed that a number of tests around the blockchain were taking place internally.

Speaking at the Blockchain Expo in London, Gray said BP could eventually partner with a public blockchain company in the future.

“We have not done anything with public blockchains yet. But that does not mean we will not do it. We made proofs of concept using tokens internally, to transfer value. […] This technology is running, and is clearly heading somewhere, we will end up at a point by interacting with it. ” 
Julian Gray

Gray said that partnerships were quite possible, especially with companies that came into being via ICO.

“Would we associate with people who did [ICOs]? Yes, I think so. Not immediately, but I would not be surprised if we did it. ” Julian Gray

CoinDesk got an interview with Julian Gray at the end of this conference, and the latter will have said that his point of view may not be exactly that of BP.

“I’ve been watching all this for a long time, and I’m not in favor of this view arguing that all ICOs are harmful, as we’ve heard from many people. However, I emphasize that this is my point of view, not necessarily that of BP. “

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