Brazilian civil registry services are now blockchainized

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If Louise Brown was the first test-tube baby in the world, the name of Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça should also be marked by a white stone. In Brazil, he is the first child to have registered his birth certificate via the Blockchain.

Streamline the registration of newborns

The new Brazilian birth registration solution could mark the end of the bureaucratic burden in the country’s civil registration services.

From now on, it is no longer necessary for Brazilians to go to the registration office to register the birth of their newborns. They can now access Notary Ledgers , the platform developed by the virtual notary service provider, Growth Tech, with the help of IBM.

Registration requires three steps, including a live birth declaration by the hospital, followed by the creation of a digital identity on the platform by the parents. The relevant information will then be sent to the notary to authenticate the certificate.

Waldyr Mendonça Junior, the father of Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça, argued that Blockchain technology has dramatically speeded up the process, including less than five minutes for a recording.

Blockchain technology in the medical field

This breakthrough once again demonstrates the considerable contribution the Blockchain could make to data management, especially in the medical field.

Last April, Gil Medical Center, a South Korean hospital, reportedly entered into a partnership agreement with medical data market company Blockchain Longenesis, as well as biotech company Insilico Medicine for the creation of a healthcare solution. health data management based on the Blockchain.

As part of this partnership, Longenesis will provide the hospital with a secure platform to download, store and manage private patient data. It will also give patients full control of their data.

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