Brave tests a new feature to reward tweets

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The Brave browser has just included a “tip” icon alongside Twitter’s interaction options. It is now possible to reward tweets by giving BAT (Basic Attention Token) via the Brave browser.

Send BAT tokens via Brave to content creators

The new Brave feature is still in test phase. According to sources close to the subject, it allows to tip in BAT token.

This Nightly version of Brave is the latest beta version of the browser that includes “experimental features”.

However, stability issues could occur and bugs could result in data loss.

Resembling the Tweeter like (heart icon), the icon that appears in the Brave browser is the red triangle and purple BAT token icon.

Knowing that the browser launched its Tip feature a year ago, users will have the opportunity to pay their favorite content creators.

On the other hand, things did not go as planned.

Scandalous profits

The British YouTuber Tom Scott has unfortunately been at the center of a deception. His image was used on a message that encourages users to send BAT.

And for good reason, some creators have been unknowingly associated with the Brave browser and its cryptocurrency.

In addition, Brave has taken the necessary steps to remedy this.

All suspicious and unverified tweets are automatically stored in the browser for a period of 90 days.

The creator will check Brave accounts before approving any posts on their platform.

Although the user notification process is not yet available on the internet platform, Brave has ensured that it will update this item in the near future.

“For users of our Nightly desktop version, we are testing a new feature to switch tweets with Brave Rewards. Tips are sent instantly for those checked via (tips for unverified users are kept in your browser). Your comments are welcome on, “reads a Brave Software publication.

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