Acorn: crowdfunding for everyone!

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Acorn Collective puts the blockchain at the service of entrepreneurs and start-ups so that they can find funding. Acorn wants to make crowdfunding more accessible, more transparent and thus more attractive. Crowdfunding within everyone’s reach It is a huge and growing market in the West, but this is not the case in developing countries where this type of […]

The AFM doubts the conformity of investments in cryptocurrencies and regulations in force

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The Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM) raised serious doubts about the compliance of cryptocurrency entities with licensing regulations. A reasonable doubt about compliance with existing laws The regulator sent  a letter to cryptocurrency enthusiasts by mentioning the risks associated with the market: “The AFM is seriously doubtful in part because of the dangers and risks associated with cryptocurrencies […]

Walmart will pay its electricity bills with cryptocurrencies

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Walmart, the world’s largest distributor, has been looking for a way to pay electricity bills in cryptocurrencies. He recently got the green light from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)who recognized the innovation and relevance brought by such a project. This initiative will supersede all existing methods of paying utility bills. Manage energy consumption using cryptocurrencies and […]

Legal cannabis on October 17, 2018


OTTAWA | Canadians will be able to smoke a joint legally from Wednesday, October 17, 2018. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon during Question Period, the day after the Senate finally passed Bill C-45. The federal government allowed itself eight to 12 weeks after passage of the act to enact its coming […]

Oxford professors want to launch the first Blockchain-based distance university

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The Blockchain is today the center of attention. It is considered a disruptive technology that upsets, transforms, reworks an entire system to radically improve it. Recently a group of Oxford professors intends to revolutionize the existing traditional academic system with the creation of a Blockchain-based distance university. It would be a pioneering initiative according to a Cointelegraph report. Blockchain University […]

South Korea: a Crypto Beach with the image of the Crypto Valley?

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According to the latest news, South Korea will soon create a revolutionary center dedicated to Blockchain technology in Haeundae Beach, in the city of Busan. The project called “Crypto Beach” follows faithfully the footsteps of the Swiss “Crypto Valley”, recognized for its pioneering initiatives in Blockchain and crypto-currencies. Crypto Beach in Busan At the Global Blockchain Conference […]