Blockmason Link, Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Content Association Collaborate on Blockchain Software Development

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Recently, three influential Korean companies in Fintech developments collaborated to advance Blockchain-based game development. Blockmason Link , the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) and the Korea Blockchain Content Association (KBCCA) announced the signature of the so-called “Mou” MoU on March 20, 2019.

Alleviate the game development process with the Blockchain

To facilitate access to Blockchain technology, the “MOU” has been signed by KMGA, KBCCA and Blockcmason recently.

This MoU is based on a collaboration to assist video game development companies and the Blockchain integration process.

“We are excited to be partnering with two organizations that are working hard to support and grow the burgeoning games and software development industries Blockchain,” said Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason.

Promote the Blockchain and its potential

Blockmason is developing Blockchain technology based on the creation of “base layer infrastructure”.

With Link, developers can set up games through smart contracts without having to purchase crypto-currencies or install plug-ins.

By harnessing this potential, Korean game creators can easily explore the opportunities offered by Blockchain technology from its applications, its decentralized nature and its transparency.

“KMGA and KBCCA represent hundreds of startups employing thousands of developers. Together, we can help their member companies design new innovative games and other software faster while encouraging users to adopt the Blockchain, “says Michael Chin.

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