Blockchain giants Ethereum, Tezos, Stellar, Oasis and Near meet to improve cryptocurrency environment

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Large companies operating in the Blockchain including Ethereum, Tezos and Stellar announced a hackathon in August to study the crypto-currency environment to make it “useful and usable”.

Call for the accessibility of crypto-currencies

Although the notions of Blockchain and crypto-currencies are no longer an enigma for computer enthusiasts, a large part of the consumer society is still unaware of the undercurrent of these technologies.

However, this digital currency advocated as the future of the economy, destined to become the revolutionary medium of exchange, is beginning to gain ground because of the specific tools created by industry players.

Recently , major retailers such as Ethereum, Tezos and Stellar have decided to organize a hackathon via the IDEO CoLab and CoinList group , to discuss the obstacles to the accessibility of crypto-currencies.

The platforms participating in the event, which will take place from August 5th to September 22nd, will notably create applications and projects that facilitate the user experience.

Make crypto-currencies useful and usable

The adoption factor of the crypto-currencies will be deeply studied in the meeting of the teams of the hackathon. Indeed, the organizers of the event expect that interesting proposals on the popularization of procedures emerge from the exchanges.

“By focusing on usability, we hope to get the teams to increase the number of users […] and to make their experiences available to new users who do not yet use crypto or decentralized applications”, explains Dan Elitzer of IDEO CoLab.

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