Blockchain-based e-voting to be used for Russian student council elections

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According to reports relayed by the Russian press Tass, the Moscow authorities plan to use Blockchain as a medium for electronic voting in the forthcoming elections of the university student council.

Legislative approval suspended

To implement electronic voting in Russia, a test project would be considered for the university student council elections, which will take place in June 2019.

This technology would aim to test the Blockchain as a voting medium, before a wider exploitation, like the election of the mayor of the city.

Supported by the Information Technology Department of Moscow (DIT) as well as the Electoral Commission of the City of Moscow (Mosgorizbirkom), the pilot project will have to come under legislative control and obtain the approval of the commission for the terms of reference. before being launched in public by the DIT, according to the explanations of Artem Kostyrko, deputy director of the department.

Blockchain gets green light for September 8 elections

Open to Blockchain technology, the Russian legislative authorities have already given the go-ahead for e-voting in the elections on 8 September.

The Russian State Duma had passed the bill to allow the Moscow Duma to use DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to monitor voting results.

On the other hand, the Russian authorities are stepping up the pace to edit Blockchain regulations.

Recall that Vladimir Putin put pressure on the government by setting a deadline (1 July 2019) to adopt these edicts.

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