hacked: EOS users targeted by phishing

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It’s been two days since the launch of the EOS mainnet, and, in addition to a nice surge in price, dramas are multiplying. After the alleged discovery of critical vulnerabilities in the network (which have been corrected) it is a phishing affair that is now surfacing, as announced by , the firm in charge of the EOS network .

Apparently, the attackers managed to hack the email address associated with Block.One’s support account . Their mailbox depended on Zendesk , a cloud-based customer service provider. Block.One has also announced the temporary closure of its Zendesk account, in order to conduct a more in-depth investigation.

The way of proceeding was classic, and will once again be an opportunity to warn you. NEVER distribute your private keys to anyone , it would be like giving strangers double your keys and your address: optimistic at best, frankly reckless at worst. Nobody will give you ETH for free. If it’s too good to be true: it’s wrong. Everything is a scam until proven otherwise . What is beautiful and dangerous in the crypto world is that you are absolutely responsible for your funds. There is currently virtually no security in case of theft or scam, so always be on your guard.

Some customers have received an email at the official pace (especially since the email address was indeed that of the customer service Block.One), with a link to an alleged new site for EOS. On this site, users were asked to enter their private keys to unlock their wallets, and get free EOS and ETH tokens . The site on which the users were redirected was very similar to the official site at this time that it was called “eȯ” ( do you see the almost imperceptible dot above the “o”? )

In addition to this phishing e-mail , the attackers went as far as answering some requests from the users, in order to board more people in their scam. This has been noted several times on Reddit.

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