BitTorrent: Cardano CEO praises recent acquisition of Tron

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Scalability, interoperability and sustainability are major challenges facing cryptocurrencies in terms of evolution.Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum spoke about the BitTorrent platform by praising the acquisition by TRON .

A very good evolutionary protocol

The functional protocol of BitTorrent has already proven itself around the world, said Charles Hoskinson in a recent statement. Many users are delighted with the system developed by the company.

“So, what do we want to do in terms of scalability? Are there examples of scalable protocols? Probably everyone has already used it, it’s called BitTorrent. “

BitTorrent has an amazing download speed. Its resources grow as people use its platform.

“When people join the swarm of a torrent, they usually add more resources than they take. So more people, more resources, better performance faster. It’s a very good distributed system. That’s why there are half a billion users. A third of all Internet traffic is transported by this protocol. It’s a crazy success. “

Meanwhile, Cardano works in collaboration with Marlowe for the development of a programming language. The project called Plutus aims to create smart contracts to “ensure that data can switch securely between multiple platforms. “

It seems that Cardano is on track to compete with Ethereum in the long run. It would be interesting to see the next developments of the blockchains of Tron and Cardano, in direct competition with Ethereum.

BitTorrent and the Atlas project

BitTorrent is the largest torrent application in the world. The Tron Foundation acquired Bittorent last July.

The project created by the Tron Foundation promotes the integration of both organizations. Moreover, the BitTorrent network should be improved through the Tron protocol. This would make the platform faster and extend the life of the swarms.

Other important crypto-industry players have noticed the notable developments of BitTorrent. Satoshi Nakamoto , the famous creator of Bitcoin, whose identity remains a mystery, spoke about BitTorrent by quoting him on his mailing lists.

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