Bitsane steals funds from its users

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Bitsane , a crypto-purse based in Ireland,  suddenly disappears without a trace in an alleged scam of several million euros. Hundreds of thousands of assets, for 246,000 users, were diverted, according to the Forbes report.

The Bitsane site, its Twitter and Facebook accounts are deleted

Bitsane LP is born in 2016 . The cryptocurrency trading platform has grown in popularity over the years.

However, as withdrawals of crypto-active users have become increasingly restricted on the platform, the company suddenly decided to close its website and its social media accounts.

The victims testify

Following this deactivation, a hundred people lost between 5,000 and 150,000 euros. Shane Johnson, a veteran of the US military, reported the loss of more than $ 7,000 worth of cryptocurrencies on his Bitsane account.

Indian user Vikas Tak pointed to the closure without notice of the accounts. Moreover, he could not recover his 6,400 XRP. The crypto-stock market has made “many victims,” according to Tak.

“I tried to convert XRP to BCH (Bitcoin Cash) or whatever, and he kept saying” temporarily disabled “. I immediately knew there was a problem, “said a user who claims to have lost $ 150,000.

He wants to remain anonymous.

“I went back there to see if the cryptocurrencies were still waiting, but you could not access Bitsane anymore,” he added.

According to data collected by, Bitsane had 246,000 registered users to 30 May 2019, date of the last backup on its homepage Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

Its daily trading volume reached $ 7 million on March 31, according to Coinmarketcap data.

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