Bitfury launches sale of BTC mining equipment for SMEs

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The manufacturer of computer hardware for cryptocurrency mining has recently launched the online sale of high-performance miners at a reduced price. Among its products, there are devices such as Clarke ASIC Chips or the B9 Tardis Minining Rigs accessible from 2500 dollars for SMEs, according to statements of the Russian publisher RBK-crypto.

Minors at a reduced price for SMEs

Available for just $ 2500 USD, Clarke 14nm ASIC is now available on Bitfury’s new online sales platform ! Following the announcement of the Russian media RBK-Krypto, the European startup with an annual turnover of 500 million dollars would have notably opened an e-commerce of efficient low-cost mining equipment for SMEs, followed by a few conditions. ‘purchase.

Indeed, Bitfury has invested in this new market to offer small and medium-sized businesses the ability to access a high level of mining and hashing.

This price range ($ 2,500) introduces a discount of nearly $ 1,000 compared to the current price for materials such as Clarke ASIC chips. However, the company requires a 1000-piece batch order to access this tempting proposition.

What consequences on the market

While the online sale of Bitfury has the merit of facilitating the access of mining equipment to small stock exchanges (SME), its price policy seems nevertheless harmful to the market given the cost lag. Indeed, this abusive price policy reflects unfair competition and could eventually lead to the bankruptcy of some manufacturers.

This being said, the company’s offer to SMEs can be considered as a leverage effect for the mining market in general. Indeed, the resurgence of mining equipment stimulates the hashing of the BTC, making competition more difficult while impacting the general cost of this cryptocurrency.

What do you think of this new policy of selling mining equipment made by Bitfury? Give us your opinion in the comments section.

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