Bitfinex updates its reporting tools

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To receive the next wave of investors following the recovery of the cryptocurrency market, Bitfinex , the HongKong crypto-bourse has just upgraded its reporting tools.

Improve tool functions for optimized trading

Bitfinex integrates five new essential features to efficiently manage crypto-traders funds.

The first concerns a new section entitled “active positions”. It allows users to comprehensively evaluate their active positions, including status, amount, debtor and creditor positions, types of financing and amounts used for each position. It also allows investors to access information on debt, liquidation price and percentage of results, while auditing their active positions.

Another section has been added . It will help crypto-users to evaluate the amounts, rates and financing periods of different currencies during a given period.

In addition, the new update will make it easier to copy system data. Crypto-users will now be able to easily copy their performance charts to Google Sheets, Excel, or any other similar application.

Finally, a revenue section will provide a clear overview of all revenues, allowing for better control over all fundraising activities.

Old features revisited

Bitfinex also included generic improvements and a refactored back-end in the update.

For example we will be entitled to the correction of missing pages on deposits and withdrawals or filtering several tokens and improved filtering of the date or time.

In fact, the company has already planned a change plan for the reporting tool in 2019, incorporating improvements to the framework for advanced reporting as well as improving the sorting and filtering of tables.

What do you think about the upgrade of the Bitfinex version 2.5 reporting tool? Comment in the comment section below.


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